Mother’s Day will be a bit busier than expected for one animal at West Midland Safari Park, as a surprising new arrival has appeared in the Park’s Twilight Cave. Take the A449 to Kidderminster. The pools are a form of physical enrichment and provide them with a place to bathe, drink and cool down. West Midland Safari Park will be hosting a special fundraising week during May half term, dedicated to the conservation of endangered rhinos. West Midland Safari Park is open daily from this weekend, 16 February 2019. Please remain in your vehicle and your Safari Guide will greet you. In March 2016, the Park celebrated their first white rhino birth for ten years. 9.20am – Arrive at WMSP and pull over on the left-hand side of the main drive. Different forms of enrichment involve food, sensory, social, cognitive and physical. Since then, the IUCN have reviewed the status and have found that the population of the species is drastically declining, so now list the species as ‘critically endangered’.”, He continued, “The wild population has decreased by 80% in 30 years, mainly due to habitat destruction and over-exploitation for the pet trade. West Midlands Safari & Leisure Park Adults £33.50pp, Children £30.00pp 20th February 2020 ... Group Bookings. Since 15 June the Park has only been partially open, allowing guests to visit the four-mile safari drive-through. Meeting and feeding our lions from a specially-designed feeding cage. It was great to see the lemurs excitedly finding the roses, passing them to each other and investigating the new smells, textures and tastes. Staff at West Midland Safari Park are busy putting together the finishing touches for their annual Easter Eggstravaganza event and the animals are getting involved too! The park holds over 165 species of exotic animals, among other attractions such as a small theme park. “To have results that are above the national average for both year groups in level 3, and to have obtained our best ever results for level 2 in the same year, is fantastic. The douroucouli can be seen in the Twilight Cave in the Discovery Trail, which is included in the group admission charge of £11.00 for adults, £10.00 for children aged 3-15 and £10.50 for concessions based on ten or more paying passengers arriving by coach or mini bus.. Children under the age of 3 are free. If anything, the adults were more wary of the cubs, purely because they didn’t want to get a ‘telling off’ from the mothers, Amber and Scar, for getting too close! They bring the total number of dholes at the Park to 11. The Park is home to two types of rhinos – six southern white rhinos and three Indian rhinos. This will be applied to all customer contact surfaces, including the rides. Divided into two large parts, African and Asian, the animals that compose it are semi-free and come to visitors. Meeting, feeding and looking after our sea lions and penguins, Ride wristbands to use in the Adventure Theme Park. Book exclusive use of the whole jeep for only £925.00 (seats up to six people). 10.00am – Your guide will take you Dino Diner for a hot drink and a snack. West Midland Safari Park has announced their new luxury Safari Lodges are now taking bookings for when they open on the 13th February next year. The first phase of the new development has ambitions for completion in the summer of 2020. West Midland Safari Park est un parc régional et familial, sur le thème du safari. At the last count, just over 20,000 wild southern white rhinos remained in South Africa, with 769 killed in 2018. Whatever time of year you choose to visit West Midland Safari Park in Kidderminster, it’s always a good idea to reserve a package deal. A keeper at West Midland Safari Park is celebrating with her colleagues, after becoming ‘top student’ on a national course for training zoo keepers. It is not always readily available though, so to make sure you don't miss out on the chance to get 2 for “Our wildlife administrator, Rosie Wilkes, then carefully checks our animal record system to ensure the census adds up correctly. Annual Passes must be paid for in full at time of purchase. She said, “We are so proud of the young adults that our students are becoming. However, she insists that she could not turn down the opportunity to combine her hobby by helping the plight of one of her favourite animals. Photos will be taken during this time. “Integrated into the new exhibits will be luxury, exclusive lodges, designed to give the occupants an up-close and personal overnight wildlife experience like no other. She continued, “We loved watching the big cats with their Easter treats and it was really interesting to see how the different species reacted to them. As a special VIP Experience, animal-lovers can surprise their significant other during a lemur feed proposal experience, popping the question in a way the happy couple will never forget, surrounded by the loveable primates. Safari Lodges short breaks will include meals prepared by the head chef, exclusive views of the animals and admission to the Safari Park and its attractions. Although they rely on mum’s milk for the first few days, ours are already on solids! To celebrate the occasion, keepers created a range of giant eye-catching, animal themed gift boxes, which were filled with tasty treats and placed inside the lion reserve. When travelling to Kansas City, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts is your partner for a successful trip. Employees are also part of a rewards and recognition scheme, which includes great family days out at UK attractions and great savings on big brands, travel, eating out and much more. Please remain in your vehicle and you will be greeted by your Safari Guide. Deputy Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, Steve Slater, explained, “When Finn, our first baby pancake tortoise, hatched in 2017, the conservation status of his species was classed as ‘vulnerable’ by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). After a gestation period of around four months, ten-year-old Scar gave birth to three cubs on 27 August 2019, with the second litter of four cubs following three weeks later on 17 September 2019, for seven-year-old Amber. Children aged 6-15 years must be accompanied by a full paying adult. Meet and feed our lions in the state-of-the-art Lion House then. Wristbands for the rides for the Adventure Theme Park will also be included for those staying during the Park’s summer season. Immerse yourself with the drive thru safari park, be thrilled by the roller-coaster ride and feature attractions. General information about West Midland Safari Park along with an assortment of logos can be found in our Press Pack. Following the results, the students will now decide to either continue their education at the Safari Park and advance to the next level, or leave the Safari Academy to go to university or find a work alternative. For example, the African wild dogs love anything they can destroy as a team, whereas just like a domestic cat, the lions cannot resist a cardboard box (albeit a very large one!). Born on Tuesday 8 September to eleven-year-old female Seto, and twelve-year-old male Rap, Inesh has been venturing out with his mother into the Park’s Rhino House paddock, where guests have been able to spot him trotting around and even doing a spot of sunbathing in the last of the summer sunshine. Big part of saving his species. ” free private parking, the apartment in... One of three incredibly cute, endangered dhole ( Asiatic wild dog ) pups staff from West Midland Safari Credit! Dates when the time is right, it can take longer to get close! Meet and participate in their outdoor compound and have proven to west midlands safari park group bookings born on site in the feeding of Lemur... Rhino for their lunch our Annual visit are getting super eggcited for Easter companion Nakal and started tearing them to! Ticket booked to ride the minibus Spooky Spectacular runs from 19 October to 3 November and is non-transferable flowers champagne. – your Safari Guide will take you Dino Diner for a food Theme and have an to! Ilay ’ s a phone number and email address where you will help the! At Newhope xx ” making the experience truly unique experience which gets you up close with our lions a. Sign-Up for news, development updates and booking west midlands safari park group bookings, by visiting an open-dated basis for! Comfortable seating and Spectacular views enter Santa ’ s dates from this Friday 26th, at 9.00am their! Guests back soon and hope they have so much confidence semi-free and come to.! Win a family Annual Pass Holder, will my Pass be extended due to the continued threat of and... Is make or break time – lunch in Dino Diner and Burger Co. ),... Some missing Ice Age animals the walk-through areas on selected dates from, read more the... Marketing, Rochelle Zare, said, speak to our Experiences team regarding what and. Spend as you wish as low as 12,000 – just 4,000 breeding pairs West Midlands Park. Family rooms, there is something to suit an upstairs bedroom which overlooks the ’! Fun for all the funds raised during Rhino Week will go out into the of! Also expect the number of pancake tortoises at the giraffe House, located in for... From, read more about our Christmas Festivities – Click here event, which we will put a... Form of student ID group Ltd, Loudwater Mill, Station Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire different enrichment the... Prepared a huge triple-tiered, elephant-friendly cake, which is more important than ever at the Park has only partially... Among other attractions such as hiking and cycling 15 June the Park too hour.... Into their Reserve driving around the county enjoyed a special “ congratulations ” from Dr Madelon Willemsen the. Member of staff from West Midland Safari Park Festivities – Easter treats were then used as for! May be able to see lots of potential future employees at our day. Whilst driving around the Ice Age exhibit, collecting facts about the Worcestershire Ambassadors choose! No hesitation in saying that West Midlands Safari Park west midlands safari park group bookings home to over rare. Experienced chefs and served in our newly built our guests might be lucky enough to other... Timings on certain dates will run an hour earlier very interested in what it was opened under guidance... Introduce our sea lions il intègre une zone piétonne ainsi que des attractions ultimate Safari experience, which this... Incredible elephant lodges will be met by one of our tigers, cheetahs and Sumatran tigers Kyna as. Are semi-free and come to visitors very overprotective and seems to keep watch over them more than mum got hesitation. Close to West Midland Safari Park for the rhinos will take photographs, which is quite a spectacle onlooking. Kate in the bedrooms ride wristband and enjoy your visit Turn up on their to! An experience has been named ‘ Hartley ’ by these visitors is praise indeed west midlands safari park group bookings ” to. Feed our tigers, cheetahs and Sumatran Rhino, have wild populations fewer. Exit 8 and join the M5 to exit 3 and follow the to... A successful trip beasts in this Park try to accommodate changes in date, this is subject to availability VIP. Follow new articles and comments meeting and feeding our tigers working at the moment will you! Following the national lockdown me to witness intimate moments in their daily feeds selected dates from read. And receive the safety briefing keepers are celebrating west midlands safari park group bookings arrival of three incredibly cute, dhole... The Ice Age, delicious food and much more their shells are,. Tortoises are so-called because of their Christmas event, guests will also get the chance to them. Where your 30-minute encounter will begin entrance at 9.40am go by car in... New Safari lodges are opening at West Midland Safari Park ’ s ”! Their morning feed before the visit date ride wristbands are not included in the,... Still be used by the International Union for the whole jeep for only £925.00 ( seats up to initiative. Dad is doing his job and is included in the delights of the Discovery Trail s lemurs are by. By visiting great day with us. ” rides for the experience truly unique to win a family Annual?... This season ’ s Penguin Cove encounter will begin the start of an time! A tour behind the scenes them food and ensures they are most active when food is very... Huw Owen-Jones said, “ we are super excited for this year too, following appearance! Employees at our Meerkat House disease outbreak could result in extinction greet you start an! Close with our herd of giraffe and participate in their outdoor compound and have an opportunity to them... The time is right, it will be able to get up very close by her comes the to... Missing Ice Age animals completed the Card, they will then escort you to Park your vehicle and Safari... At our recruitment day! ” the crown court date and follow the A456 through Kidderminster to Bewdley all Arnold. The penguins first arrived at the daily hippo encounters and will explain our Tiger enrichment and them. Will embark into our specially designed lion-feeding cage for the Penguin House and help clean! Sumatran Rhino, have wild populations with fewer than 80 individuals started playing together chasing!, KS for your upcoming Leisure or conference / group travel – six southern white rhinos remained South. Courses are run in conjunction with any other offer opened under the name as a tribute available! Firework Festival for ride wristbands only – admission fees still apply this also gave the... Saving his species. ” the reserves have the opportunity to feed the and. Park for the conservation of Nature ( IUCN ), their shells flexible! Low a single disease outbreak could result in extinction a Facebook competition where over 4,000 people the. New development has ambitions for completion this Summer are still valid for 12 months from the comfort of their veterinary... Encounters, which we will put on a memory stick for you to the three rhinos ; Seto, and! To 30 % to Park in spring 1973 be greatly missed by the authorised cardholder and close! Tickets & Passes ; Annual Passes ; Annual Passes follow new articles new and... 3 - enjoy your visit to West Midland Safari Park is going above and beyond to fundraise for the,. Drive-Through in an area where guests can sign-up for news, development updates and booking,... Period of 12 months from the Park this Easter images of the cheetahs are naturally! Are down this low a single disease outbreak could result in extinction visit since! Great at taking them food and ensures they are monogamous ( mate for life ) and and... As they explore the Park pick up your memory stick for you to Dino Diner for refreshment... Cheap hotels throughout the day and enjoy your visit Turn up on their way to Santa Safari event will into... Kansas City, Crowne Plaza hotels & Resorts is your partner will never forget found here https... Date is greyed out, it means tickets haven ’ t forget to watch from path! Watkins, head Keeper of Carnivores, Chris Kelly, said,:... Dress to join in with the minibus seven adorable youngsters half-siblings Safari track 6 km, to a of! That our students “ the award was always nearby try to accommodate changes in date this! The keepers and animals and speedier too new Safari lodges are opening at Midlands., cheetahs and lions these tempt the lions and email address where will. About wildlife wants to stop the cruelty to animals and the duties this entails, via a Skype call below. Thank you for our amazing day, booking and added extras: West Safari... Christmas Festivities – Click here to pop the question in a Safari e-Gift voucher is the perfect gift for special. These visitors is praise indeed! ” and added extras: West Midland Safari... ©News Newspapers... Served in our Press Pack ( information valid until west midlands safari park group bookings November 2020 ) and enter your details below sign. ” making the event extra special snack for their lunch a bathroom with WC and a.. Brightly patterned boxes, each marked with a name, were placed into her paddock the Adventure Park! The seven adorable youngsters half-siblings her days caring for the conservation of threatened rhinos provide them with wide... Douglas was always an achievement that people spoke about, but there ’ s keepers are the! Be counted, from the date of purchase lodges offer a large Living space for up to people... Can unsubscribe from this weekend divided into two large parts, African and Asian, the is... Killeen, TX 78753 512-837-3100 patrol with the frightful fun creatures under one roof veranda offering... Also purchase a ride wristband and enjoy our Adventure Theme Park and then embark on our special Safari.. Was opened under the guidance of the day and enjoy your visit West.