Yet no one was prepared for 1985 and 1986, the two most successful seasons in Ravens history. He began the Monday night "horror movie" tradition where films of previous games were picked apart and analyzed. From the small group of war veterans in 1945 to its 78-member squad in 1998, Ravens football made a memorable contribution to the rich heritage of Carleton University and to sports in the Ottawa area. [10]. The 2018-2019 athletic season has concluded for Carleton … By 1946, Carleton College was located on First Avenue, with the Ravens occupying a 12'x15' locker room in the basement. NORTHFIELD, Minn. – The Carleton College football team committed four turnovers—three of them in St. Olaf territory—and saw a 14-7 lead turn into a 33-21 defeat at the hands of its cross-town rival. The attendance at the Panda Game often was higher than that of the Vanier Cup that same season. The seemingly bleak future of the Ravens was brightened when the college revived the program in 1952. For the first time, in 1954, Carleton was in the running for a league title. Contact the Carleton Archives to inquire about additional items. Overall record: 19-3 • MIAC: 10-0 • Region: 17-2 • Home: 7-1 • Away: 4-0 • Neutral: 8-2 ID: 50_10580_20120227_metricfootball. The Second World War had just ended and 36 war veterans, turned students, lined up to face their opponents Macdonald College in Ste. 44 – Jeff Morris, Carleton vs. Waterloo, September 8, 1984; Michael Domagala, Carleton vs. Toronto, September 22, 2018. In 1955, Bryan McNulty, a University of Ottawa student and associate editor for the Fulcrum, decided to promote the rivalry between his school and Carleton University. 9 – Nathaniel Behar, 2016; Jayde Rowe, 2016, 8 – Bruno Dinardo, 1982; Nathaniel Behar, 2014, 7 – Con Poulin, 1956; Tommy Mann, 1957; John Dever, 1962; Ross Reid, 1969; Gary Cook, 1977; Mark Brown, 1986; Nathaniel Behar, 2015; Nathan Carter, 2018, 6 –Jim Sevigny, 1963; Gord Pranschke, 1965; Don Gormley, 1971; Joe Barnabe, 1983; Nathan Carter, 2017, 22 – Scott Alexander; Nathaniel Behar, Joe Barnabe, 14 – Bruno Dinardo; Ross Reid, Phil Iloki, 5 – Jeff Morris, Carleton vs. Bishop’s, September 28, 1985; Michael Domagala, Carleton vs. Toronto, September 22, 2018, 4 – Mario Arnone, Carleton vs. McGill, 1976, Jim McMillan, Carleton vs. Concordia, September 7, 1997, Jim McMillan, Carleton vs. Laval, September 27, 1998; Michael Domagala, Carleton vs. Toronto, September 19, 2015; Michael Domagala, Carleton vs. Ottawa, October 3, 2015; Michael Domagala, Carleton vs. Ottawa, October 1, 2017. In the quarter-final game, the Ravens lead the Guelph Gryphons 17-16 with under two minutes to play. These three players, along with Murray Thrift, Larry Matheson and Earl Hammond, made the 1965 league all-star game. However, on June 25, 2009, an announcement was made that the Lansdowne Live group, which owns the Ottawa Redblacks, the new Canadian Football League team, was in negotiations with the university to bring back the football program and play at a rebuilt Frank Clair Stadium to be shared with the CFL team and the Ottawa Gee-Gees. However, all was not lost - the Ravens enjoyed the best season in the history of the club. The 1972 highlights included a phenomenal game against Waterloo, where the offence finally proved themselves with a 35-6 score. With the encouragement of coach Keith Harris, Ravens veterans Jim Sevigny, Norm Jamison, Jeff White and Kim McCuaig established this group to further football at Carleton and nurture lasting team kinship. A whopping 61-0 exhibition win against Royal Military College gave the Ravens the spirit and confidence needed to win against the Gee-Gees, in a tremendous show of defensive skills. This league contained the nationally ranked University of Toronto Varsity Blues and the Queen's University Golden Gaels. Scheduled Games. Meet Our Staff; CONTACT open menu. The new head coach, Bill Stanton, led the team to winning games against Loyola (now Concordia University) and McGill. October 06, 2018. The 1984 season was the best year the Ravens had had for years. However, two Ravens players, Phil Schnepf and Mark Whitton, were named to the 1990 O-QIFC all-star team. NCAAF News. Carleton challenged the first-place team in the conference: the McMaster Marauders. Carleton College Season statistics Schedule and Results. Carleton vs. St. Olaf. The 2013 team began the new era of Ravens football on September 2 against the Western Mustangs in London, Ontario with a 71-4 loss. This was enough to put them into the playoffs, where they lost in the semi-finals to the Western Mustangs. 2019 Carleton Football Statistics (HTML) MIAC Football Statistics (current season) NCAA Football Statistics (current season) CARLETON FOOTBALL HONOR ROLL (PDF) Carleton Football Club. Atkinson allowed the team to practice at Glebe Collegiate, the school where he was principal. Back. In a short matter of time, both Pedro and the Panda Game itself became national icons. 9025_180.jpg (JPEG Image, 143.56 KB) Download File. [7]. The Originals ended their first season with one win, two losses and a tie. Would the 1990s bring years of plenty? [2] While the team had some success in the mid-1980s, poor performances and a plan by the Carleton Athletic department to invest more funds in other sports led to the sport being cut after the 1998 season. In 1958, after a 25-0 Gee-Gee victory, Pedro went on a world tour. The dream team went on to win three consecutive games, making them the only undefeated team in the conference and third in the country, the highest ranking ever obtained by a Ravens football team. The 200-acre main campus is located between Northfield and the 800-acre Cowling Arboretum, which became part of the campus in the 1920s. The 1963 season was also very successful, and 1964 brought Pedro the Panda back to Carleton after an eight-year stay with the Gee-Gees. Carleton's first game in the OUAA was against the Varsity Blues. Download Files under 10MB and Metadata. The Ravens football club moved from the mediocre Central Canada Intercollegiate Conference (CCIC) into the highly-competitive Ontario University Athletic Association (OUAA) in 1971. [3][4] In their history, the Ravens won one Dunsmore Cup conference championship in 1985, but lost in the following Western Bowl to the Calgary Dinos 56 to 14.[5]. Carleton College Knights Schedule 2020. The Carleton Knights football team represents Carleton College in college football at the NCAA Division III level. The program was started in 1883 and was very successful through the early 1960s, winning over 20 conference championships from 1895 to 1956. The club went from division doormat to well-respected national contenders and a team to be reckoned with. Cam Collins, Clark Oliver, Dan Petschenig, Steve Hamlin and Tom Timlin formed the nucleus of the 1983 team. 48 – Michael Domagala, Carleton vs. Toronto, September 10, 2016; Michael Domagala, Carleton vs. York, October 12, 2018. After this game, the Bishop's coach stated, "I said at the season's start that I felt Carleton had the best team in the conference and today they went out and proved it." Harris was also the assistant director of Athletics while Norm Fenn, assistant coach, filled the position of director. The new team entered a league with Macdonald College, Bishop's University and St. Patrick's College. High scoring losses against teams in the newly formed Ottawa-St. Lawrence Conference left the Ravens low on morale. Despite these odds, a foundation was laid and a tradition had begun! It was in this newly-formed league that the long rivalry between the University of Ottawa and Carleton College began, and the Ravens became an integral part of college life. Carleton College Football, Northfield, MN. Ravens football came to a grinding halt, with no inter-varsity team in the 1951 season after the loss of college grant money. Skip To Main Content . Location: Northfield, Minnesota Seasons: 25 (1909-10 to 1933-34) Record: 280-80 .778 W-L% Conferences: Ind Conference Champion: 0 Times (Reg. Dave Bosveld, Harry Van Hofwegan (the O-QIFC outstanding lineman of the year) and Sean O'Neil (the TSN Russ Jackson Award winner) had individual successes that shed a positive light on the team. These members knew what it was like to play for a winning team and their enthusiasm was contagious. The competition grew with the establishment of the Ontario Intercollegiate Football League, with the inclusion of the University of Ottawa, RMC, McMaster University, University of Waterloo and the Ontario Agricultural and Veterinary College at Guelph (now University of Guelph). They would finish the season with eight losses in eight games as was expected for a program in its first year. Gary Shaver decided to step down as head coach in 1993. After issuing a three-semester suspension to football player "John Doe" for sexual assault, Carleton College in Minnesota gave him the option of appealing the verdict. Predictions from NFL executives to local radio personalities pointed to a Ravens'victory. Citizens of Ottawa rallied to help out the newborn squad. Carleton College Football, Northfield. Historically, the Ravens football team first began play just after the Second World War in 1945 and was in continuous operation until the program was dropped in 1998. The 1984 team was stacked with many potential CFL drafts. The two very separate football teams were to become one squad. 1991 brought another win against the Ravens' cross-town rivals, and 1992 brought four new assistant coaches. Though the Carleton College team was bigger and more experienced, Macdonald took home the win (15-0). 2020 Football Schedule; Date Time At Opponent Location Tournament Result Links; September 5, 2020 (Saturday) 6:00 PM : Away: Macalester College: St. Paul, MN / Macalester Stadium: Canceled due to COVID-19: September 12, 2020 (Saturday) 1:00 PM : Home: Crown College: Northfield, MN / … Contact Us. 43 – Michael Domagala, Carleton vs. Ottawa, September 20, 2014; Michael Domagala, Carleton vs. Ottawa, October 3, 2015; Michael Domagala, October 7, 2016, 8 – Michael Domagala, Carleton vs. Windsor, September 12, 2015; Michael Domagala, Carleton vs. Toronto, September 10, 2014; Michael Domagala, Carleton vs. Toronto, 2016. Things were definitely starting to look up for the team, with a 28-17 win over Bishop's that placed the Ravens in second place in the Ontario-Quebec Intercollegiate Football Conference (O-QIFC). Athletics: Football | Carleton College Archives. Carleton College | American Football Database | Fandom. Coach McCuaig left to work full time with the Athletics Department and was replaced by Brian Kealey. 461 likes. They doubled their offensive output from the previous season and trimmed points allowed by 71. By Max Lane on June 1, 2019. 46 likes. During Smith's first season with the team, they beat the defending Vanier Cup champions the Queen's Golden Gaels. 4 - Ross Reid, Carleton vs. York, October 27, 1969; Joe Barnabe, Carleton vs. Bishop’s, November 9, 1985; Mark Skidmore, November 16, 1985. Team records since the program was revived in 2013: As of the start of the 2019 CFL season, forty-three former Ravens players played in the CFL, eight of whom are currently on CFL teams' rosters: (*)denotes played college football at St. Patrick’s College pre-merger with Carleton. The Ravens football program started in 1945 and was continuously in operation until 1998 when the program was disbanded. 1979 was being called the Year of the Ravens. Lansdowne Live partner and Ravens alumnus John Ruddy has pledged $2.5 million to provide funding for the program and it would follow the private partnership model that has proved successful both financially and on the field with the Regina Rams and Laval Rouge et Or teams. The 1960s also saw the first football training camps, where tactical knowledge and skills, along with kinship, were developed. The 2019 season saw the Ravens go 2-4 through six games, making the last two regular season games must wins to keep their playoff hopes alive. Although the Ravens missed the playoffs that year, they were the most improved team in the conference. [20] McNulty later convinced Snow to display the panda in his front window and then organized the first "Pandanapping", a ritual in which Pedro would be stolen from each campus in various ways. Central Records' primary responsibility is to collect information about alumni and other donors; this record group, however, is comprised of the subject files which CR also accumulated. Visit ESPN to view the Carleton College Knights team stats for the undefined season. The Ravens were on their way to a significant turnaround in 1953, with their first winning season. The Ravens repeated their stellar performance from the previous year and won 24-13. After shattering 21 team records, the Ravens were proud going into the 1974 season. Joe Scanlon, author of History of Football at Carleton, lists these fine gentlemen as the members of the Originals: Bob Forbes, Frank MacIntyre, Mel Carson, Bill O'Neill, Johnny Urquhart, Bill Rankin, Charlie Kerr, Don Sim, Johnny Moore, Charlie Charlebois, Donald McGregor, Merton Keith Salisbury, Wayne Dunphy, Ross Cavey, Al Holtby, Johnny Chown, Jim McNee, Lyall Graham, Bernard Garand, Harold Barnhart, Jim McKnight, Chuck Winters, Peter Ayearst, Russ Brown, Rock Robillard, Ted Graves, Robert Forbes, John Bell, Bill Morgan, Doug Good, Dave Morgan, Al Holley, J W York, Ted Ricker, Peter McDougal and Johnny Shore. Their 6- 1-0 record sent them to the conference semi-finals, where sweet revenge for the Panda game loss was obtained with a win over the Gee-Gees. Queen's Golden Gaels became the team to beat to solidify the conference title. 14 – Michael Domagala, 2016; Michael Domagala, 2017; 13 – Jeff Morris, 1985; Michael Domagala, 2014, 50 – Michael Domagala, Carleton vs. Western, August 26, 2018. The Ravens were legitimate contenders in the league and the l977 Panda game was won 36-16 by Carleton. The Carleton Ravens football team represents Carleton University, which is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He asked a local jeweller, Jack Snow, to donate a stuffed panda that would be named "Pedro" to be used as a Gee-Gee mascot (as they had not adopted the Gee-Gee horse mascot yet). In 23C weather, the Ravens season came to an end with a 56-14 win for the Calgary Dinosaurs. Norm Fenn, assistant coach and full-time director of Athletics, provided the first link between the college administration and the football team, and would prove vital in the years to come. The Originals, the first Carleton College football team, played its first organized game on a rainy October day in 1945. This win, after a 12-game losing streak, put the Ravens in a three-way tie for second place in the O-QIFC. The game quickly became the most well-known football game in Canada behind the Grey Cup and the Vanier Cup. 9025_179.jpg (JPEG Image, 97.36 KB) Download File. Anne de Bellevue, Que. Though they were the underdogs, the Ravens upset the Blues with an impressive 12-3 win. Players like Bob Amer, Dave Dalton and Gord Pranschke set league records. [12], For a number of years, there had been movements to revive the team, but there was no real interest from the university. Carleton College Archives Found in: Recordings - General, 1930-2009 Series 1: Athletics Sub-Series 1994 Item R5.15.09: Carleton College Football Highlights of 1954: Undefeated - Untied, 1994 This game was to be played against Concordia, and the Ravens' win put them in the Western Bowl. Because CR is a subunit of the Development Office, the single largest subgroup here relates to capital campaigns and other fundraising efforts. Shaver began his second season with a very young and inexperienced team, as only two players were in their fourth year with the squad. This gave them the best start to a season since 1986. The Ravens football program started in 1945 and was continuously in operation until 1998 when the program was disbanded. (*)Carleton football suspended operations for one year in 1951 due to financial constraints and began play again in 1952. Approximately 4,000 fans packed into the brand-new Gee-Gees Field, the game resulted in the Gee-Gees getting their hands on a Pedro trophy after a dominant 35-10 win. 16 – Michael Domagala, 2015; Michael Domagala, 2018. College football forecasters predicted that the team would finish first or second in the eastern division. 26 – Don McGregor, 1961; Michael Domagala, 2018, 25 – Jeff Morris, 1985; Jeff Morris, 1986, Michael Philbrick: Played in the CFL for nine seasons as a, This page was last edited on 3 December 2020, at 22:43. The Ravens struggled, but secured a 10th-place national ranking, obtaining a playoff spot in the OUAA eastern division. Found in: Photographic Prints -- General, circa 1970 to circa 1980 Series 1977/78 Sub-Series 1977/78 Folder .010a: Athletics: Football - Metric game vs. St. Olaf ("Liter Bowl"), 1977/78. After a 40-20 win over Bishop's, the Birds found themselves heading to the conference final for the first time since the days of Coach Harris (1962). When Coach Kealey joined the team in 1975, he vowed that the team would reach the College Bowl by 1980, and this dream was finally looking attainable. [14] The program needed to raise a minimum of $5 million in pledge commitments in order to secure final approvals, and establish Old Crows Football Inc. by May 2011 for the team to start play in time for the 2012 season. This season was one of the best in Ravens' history, with Carleton holding first in the league until a final game with the University of Ottawa (U of 0). The 1985 team began the season with a very balanced attack against its opponents, using the new Cam Collins-Mark Brown quarterback-wide receiver combination to fuel the offence. In 2016, the team hosted their first playoff game since 1986, with both games featuring wins over the Ottawa Gee-Gees. In some ways it was a throwback to the power outage during Super Bowl XLVII as a third-quarter sprinkler delay may have benefitted the Carleton College football team in the Knights' 44-23 victory over visiting Lawrence University. Charlie Kerr, one of the players, found the team matching brown and orange hockey jerseys to wear and the Strathcona junior team donated equipment. Over the years, the Old Crows have provided support through fundraising, contests and selling concessions at the home games, like Crow Burgers. [8]. No Data Available. The Ravens entered 1980 with a positive outlook and the determination to take it one game at a time, with Coach Kealey being backed by a completely new team of assistant coaches. Football clubs were popular in the early years of the college, but it was not until 1891 that a team was organized under official sanction.The first formally organized football team played but two games in 1891, against Seabury Seminary in Faribault (the college boys easily beat the seminary students). Metric Football game. They ended the season in a tie for second place with the Royal Military College (RMC), and won the first Panda game in 1955. It may have had something to do with the team's raven-like black uniform. 12715_360.jpg (JPEG Image, 202.07 KB) Download File. 2020 Football Schedule. Although both morale and skill were at an all-time high, the McMaster team won, putting Carleton in second place. Tiny Hermann, a former Rough Rider star, agreed to volunteer his time as head coach. This decision rendered the Panda Game tradition dead and left the Gee-Gees as the lone collegiate football team in the city for the first time in 53 years. He did so, to no avail. 7 – Don McGregor, Carleton vs. Ontario Agricultural College (Guelph), October 27, 1962; Mario Arnone, Carleton vs. RMC, 1977; Jeff Morris, Carleton vs. Bishop’s, October 11, 1986. By 1968, the integrated Ravens team earned a second-place finish and sixth-place nationally. Expectations were high for the team going into the 1994 season. In 1987, the Panda came back to Carleton, but 1988 and 1989 proved to be years of famine in the land of the Ravens. For the first time in five years, no team shut the Ravens out, and player retention from year-to-year was on the rise.