This works great for my partner, but not for me – I’m on iOS. Ecobee 4. We update the app regularly to include newly released features and enhancements.… Use “Last family member leaves a … From what I read it is going to involve IFTTT and LIfe360 but I don't know how to write these "recipes". Moves to “away mode” automatically when the last person leaves the house and changes the temperature automatically. Do a search for Ecobee. Even though Ecobee has some great models when it comes to smart thermostats, its geo fencing feature still needs much improvement. The geo fencing feature of the Sensi thermostat is very basic and easy to use. In Ecobee app I have disabled geofencing as you suggest. 2) Select " HomeKit " under the Integrations menu. Seamlessly integrate your ecobee with HomeKit. If you do not have a fixed day in and out schedule, there are chances that geo-fencing feature would interfere with the learning capabilities of the thermostat. She was still home. What is geofencing? Ecobee3 Lite, Ecobee3 and Ecobee4 are beautifully built products, but, in … If you and your phone are out, you will be considered “away” and thermostat will rise/lower the room’s temperature accordingly. This means it would require a hub like an iPad, HomePod etc which will be available at home every time. Please note - geofencing is also natively supported on iOS via Apple HomeKit and on Android via the ecobee app. 3) Choose a name for your scene and select your ecobee under accessories. I’ve found … This device is one of the most expensive out of all the above-mentioned thermostats. Pre-programmed schedule is not a necessity for it. They not only add to your comfort but also help you in saving a huge amount of money while optimally using the power for your HVAC systems. It also has the option to set multiple fences. You can also use HomeKit if you all have iOS devices and an Apple TV 4 or newer. The thermostats with geo fencing feature, when linked to your smart phone use the GPS to track your position. This means if you are within this 3 miles, you will be considered “home”, and “away” in case you are out of this radius. ECOBEE 4 … Geo fencing has indeed transformed the way thermostats are used. I’m trying to set schedules for each thermostat & if both of us are gone then the heat would drop some degrees. QUESTION.

Third, your device must respond to the command sent by IFTTT. I read the ecobee can do it with ifttt and life 360 but it’s spotty and really don’t want all that setup. The GPS feature of such phones help in tracking your location. The basic premise is the same as setting one up using the web portal; itâ s just that the steps you take to get there are slightly different. This in turn would lead to unnecessary energy consumption. Single account has to be shared with all the members of the house. Well, when you spend some good bucks on a smart thermostat, why not choose a model which gives you comfort and savings at the same time? I just had installed ecobee thermoststs.problem is ecobee only can set geofencing for 1 user & I cant setup my wife with her phone. The second one trigger the Ecobee to HOME when the FIRST person arrives home. If you leave the geofenced area the ecobee will go into away mode, even if someone is still home. When you return to your home, the thermostat instead of resuming to the pre-programmed schedule, goes into the “hold” mode. Next, I’ll show you how to set up geofencing with IFTTT and your Ecobee3. Some of the popular smart home hubs include IFTTT, Samsung smart things, Apple’s home kit etc. The year 2011 witnessed the launch of original nest learning thermostat, which was welcomed by the consumers wholeheartedly. Lots of fun information here - can I jump in and ask, though: If you're using geofencing to activate heat when at least one person is home, or "away" when the last person leaves... can you ALSO use scheduling to drop the thermostat to a lower temperature overnight? To use Ecobee geofencing with an Android phone, you can configure it through the ecobee app itself. Are there are articles/write-ups that will help with this? It works as if it has created a virtual circular fence with a radius of 3 miles around your home. After configuring, you still might not be satisfied with its performance. If you already have smart thermostat which does not have the geo fencing feature, do not worry! The ecobee mobile app is simply an extension of this experience. Installing the ecobee app on each phone is not an option? It is found to conflict with the schedule programmed by us, thus creating a lot of inconvenience. Similarly moves to “Home” mode when it senses someone is nearing your home. Since it supports multiple accounts, it tracks the location of all the members in the house and turns to away mode only when the last person leaves. For those who are looking to upgrade their home with smart technology, the Ecobee 4 is an attractive prospect, being 2 smart devices in 1, plus it means that you can control your heating with voice commands. It works very very well. For HomeKit you would just create a automation to set leave home and desired ° when last person leave correct? Edit: I guess to simplify it, there are really just 3 different modes, all geofencing does is automatically switches the mode based on your location. Geofencing only tracks one phone; The Ecobee4 is a versatile machine that works with multiple apps, speakers, smart homes, and sensors, giving you all the methods you need to schedule, control, and track your home temperatures through all the rooms in your home. Since I only have the 3rd gen AppleTV, I can't talk about how the Homekit version works, but I've read multiple users describe it on this sub and it seems to follow multiple phones just fine. It understands that geofencing on one phone is about as good as no geofencing. Ecobee 3 geofencing with multiple phones? My thermostat is always on the exact right setting when I'm home or away. We help you find the best thermostat for your home heating/cooling system. To use it with an Apple (iOS) phone, you have to configure it through Apple’s own HomeKit app, which requires a hub (such as an Apple TV, a HomePod, or an iPad that stays home all day). Once you enter into your home the thermostat switches on and sets the temperature of your room according to the  pre-programmed schedule. The fixed radius of 3 miles cannot be altered. This means after a long tiring day you would enter into a house that is already cosy and comfortable for you. Ecobee 4 is the latest and more advanced version of the two models of ecobee which offers a more practical approach, relying on the sensor and on the touchscreen rather than the app. If you have an iPhone, geofencing is already built into the Ecobee3 via iPhone location services. From what I can tell, with just the ecobee app it will only work with one phone. Unfortunately, Ecobee isn't manufacturing more of them, so grab new units while you can. ifttt geofence multiple phones; The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People; Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – Mastering the Inner game of wealth; Book Summary of ‘The Magic Of Thinking BIG’ by Dr. David J. Schwartz; Book Summary – ” Maximum Achievement ” by Bryan Tracy A drawing of a smartphone slides onto the dark blue background and its screen slowly powers up, producing the word “Haven” in soft writing, the letters matching the background color, set against the light blue of the phone… Ecobee has a schedule but I’m wondering can I set schedules up in smartthings & tie it to geofencing since it recognizes both of our phones. If for some reason the house is empty and you drive home at 2AM, I imagine the ecobee will switch to HOME mode despite it being 2AM when you're usually in SLEEP mode. 1) In the ecobee mobile app, select the Account icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. ‎An ecobee home learns and adapts based on your needs, behaviours and preferences, offering comfort when you're there, and peace of mind when you're away. First, you need to download the IFTTT app on your Android/ iOS phone. May 21, 2014, 4:05am #4 You can have your phone trigger a “fake” leaving event if you edit your geofence to move it away from the house. Internet Thermostat – Guide to find the Best Internet Controlled Thermostat, Sensibo Smart Air Conditioner Controller Review, C Wire Adapter – How to add a new Common Wire, Google Home Thermostat – Optimised well for Google Smart Home. Works a treat; just remember to keep Life360 running on your phones :-). Pros of the Ecobee 4 • Built-in Alexa – Whereas the latest model of the Nest is compatible with Amazon Alexa, the Ecobee 4 actually has a built-in Amazon Alexa speaker. Search for Ecobee recipes. If you own an android phone, it would be easy for you to configure it through the ecobee app itself. The first one triggers the Ecobee to AWAY when the LAST person leaves home. A subreddit for ecobee and all their smart home products. Once you leave your house, the thermostat moves to away mode, and lets the room’s temperature rise/fall. Geo-fencing  can be used in the compatible version of nest thermostat which are, Nest Learning Thermostat (flagship model) and Nest Thermostat E (budget model). Which brings me to my only local option the 9000. Even if there are people inside the room, their motion wont be enough for the thermostat to be in “home” mode.